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Listings for Fleetwood Tynehead

5835 listings found
Listing Image

15348 81 AVENUE

Beds 5Baths 4Sqft 7,490
Listing Image

9590 156 STREET

Beds 6Baths 3Sqft 6,825
Listing Image

8296 171 STREET

Beds 4Baths 5Sqft 11,513
Listing Image

8065 165 STREET

Beds 3Baths 3Sqft 7,764
Listing Image

9061 164 STREET

Beds 5Baths 3Sqft 2,210
Listing Image

16617 79B AVENUE

Beds 4Baths 3Sqft 7,096
Listing Image

8327 167 STREET

Beds 5Baths 3Sqft 9,332
Listing Image

15468 79 AVENUE

Beds 7Baths 5Sqft 7,173
Listing Image

8712 154A STREET

Beds 5Baths 2Sqft 7,479
Listing Image

7789 170 STREET

Beds 4Baths 4Sqft 4,039
Listing Image

17079 80 AVENUE

Beds 4Baths 2Sqft 20,516
Listing Image

8366 154 STREET

Beds 7Baths 6Sqft 6,755
Listing Image

17412 96 AVENUE

Beds 6Baths 5Sqft 218,000
Listing Image

15325 94TH AVENUE

Beds 3Baths 3Sqft 7,122
Listing Image

8262 170A STREET

Beds 8Baths 8Sqft 13,616
Listing Image

8327 155A STREET

Beds 7Baths 5Sqft 7,075
Listing Image

7911 155 STREET

Beds 6Baths 6Sqft 7,056
Listing Image

15477 93A AVENUE

Beds 3Baths 3Sqft 7,115
Listing Image

16322 92 AVENUE

Beds 7Baths 7Sqft 12,093
Listing Image

18 8560 156 STREET

Beds 2Baths 1Sqft 924
Listing Image

16897 83A AVENUE

Beds 5Baths 5Sqft 6,534
Listing Image

15577 78A AVENUE

Beds 8Baths 7Sqft 7,423
Listing Image

15368 84 AVENUE

Beds 7Baths 5Sqft 6,211
Listing Image

16330 91A AVENUE

Beds 7Baths 6Sqft 12,066
Listing Image

15591 78A AVENUE

Beds 8Baths 8Sqft 7,642
Listing Image

8444 152 STREET

Beds 3Baths 2Sqft 23,730
Listing Image

16711 76 AVENUE

Beds 6Baths 5Sqft 17,424
Listing Image

7892 170 STREET

Beds 5Baths 4Sqft 3,761
Listing Image

7838 162 STREET

Beds 6Baths 5Sqft 8,179
Listing Image

17031 79B AVENUE

Beds 8Baths 7Sqft 6,203
Listing Image

16760 92A AVENUE

Beds 7Baths 5Sqft 8,676
Listing Image

8490 155A STREET

Beds 2Baths 2Sqft 7,062
Listing Image

15921 92A AVENUE

Beds 6Baths 7Sqft 6,111
Listing Image

16739 92A AVENUE

Beds 5Baths 5Sqft 9,364
Listing Image

15749 92B AVENUE

Beds 4Baths 3Sqft 7,093
Listing Image

15333 82A AVENUE

Beds 7Baths 4Sqft 7,104
Listing Image

15636 82 AVENUE

Beds 9Baths 8Sqft 6,547
Listing Image

9301 149 STREET

Beds 3Baths 3Sqft 7,183
Listing Image

8311 155A STREET

Beds 8Baths 5Sqft 9,594
Listing Image

16768 76 AVENUE

Beds 6Baths 6Sqft 13,982
Listing Image

8125 168B STREET

Beds 7Baths 4Sqft 4,962
Listing Image

15946 88 AVENUE

Beds 6Baths 4Sqft 3,143
Listing Image

8422 170 STREET

Beds 8Baths 4Sqft 14,962
Listing Image

16057 77 AVENUE

Beds 4Baths 3Sqft 16,518
Listing Image

2 8670 156 STREET

Beds 2Baths 2Sqft 1,350
Listing Image

12 8560 156 STREET

Beds 3Baths 2Sqft 1,104
Listing Image

89 8560 156 STREET

Beds 2Baths 2Sqft 980
Listing Image

15722 80A AVENUE

Beds 5Baths 3Sqft 7,472
Listing Image

9168 175 STREET

Beds 7Baths 7Sqft 8,297
Listing Image

8362 170A STREET

Beds 6Baths 4Sqft 14,336
Listing Image

7968 161A STREET

Beds 3Baths 2Sqft 7,104
Listing Image

9328 160TH STREET

Beds 5Baths 3Sqft 9,063
Listing Image

17496 92 AVENUE

Beds 3Baths 3Sqft 4,800
Listing Image

16898 78B AVENUE

Beds 5Baths 4Sqft 5,339
Listing Image

8173 170A STREET

Beds 2Baths 2Sqft 61,420
Listing Image

8143 170A STREET

Beds 5Baths 3Sqft 62,291
Listing Image

7985 166B STREET

Beds 4Baths 4Sqft 9,100
Listing Image

15250 66 AVENUE

Beds 2Baths 1Sqft 37,375
Listing Image

9558 152 STREET

Beds 7Baths 4Sqft 6,887
Listing Image

26 8560 156 STREET

Beds 2Baths 2Sqft 1,296
Listing Image

16 8560 156 STREET

Beds 3Baths 2Sqft 1,060
Listing Image

9311 157 STREET

Beds 4Baths 3Sqft 7,104
Listing Image

7748 168 STREET

Beds 3Baths 2Sqft 43,560
Listing Image

16282 96 AVENUE

Beds 8Baths 6Sqft 6,317
Listing Image

7950 168 STREET

Beds 4Baths 4Sqft 22,346
Listing Image

7964 168 STREET

Beds 3Baths 1Sqft 41
Listing Image

8764 154B STREET

Beds 7Baths 4Sqft 9,646
Listing Image

16235 94 AVENUE

Beds 7Baths 5Sqft 6,050
Listing Image

8593 171 STREET

Beds 8Baths 8Sqft 14,636
Listing Image

8406 152 STREET

Beds 3Baths 1Sqft 14,188
Listing Image


Beds 8Baths 5Sqft 3,442
Listing Image


Beds 2Baths 1Sqft 725
Listing Image

14884 94 AVENUE

Beds 5Baths 3Sqft 7,320
Listing Image

10 8670 156 STREET

Beds 2Baths 1Sqft 784
Listing Image

8952 162 STREET

Beds 8Baths 7Sqft 9,158
Listing Image

16328 96 AVENUE

Beds 7Baths 5Sqft 7,200
Listing Image


Beds 2Baths 1Sqft 768
Listing Image

8845 176TH STREET

Beds 2Baths 1Sqft 1,411,344
Listing Image

17101 80TH AVENUE

Beds 2Baths 2Sqft 62,357
Listing Image

6964 152ND STREET

Beds 5Baths 3Sqft 1,056,330
Listing Image

9280 168 STREET

Beds 3Baths 3Sqft 288,367
Listing Image

15408 88TH AVENUE

Beds 3Baths 2Sqft 20,928
Listing Image

9350 168 STREET

Beds 5Baths 3Sqft 226,512
Listing Image

9215 159A STREET

Beds N/ABaths N/ASqft 4,757
Listing Image

16822 96 AVENUE

Beds N/ABaths N/ASqft 21,586
Listing Image

9758 160 STREET

Beds N/ABaths N/ASqft 7,331
Listing Image

16836 94A AVENUE

Beds N/ABaths N/ASqft NaN
Listing Image


Beds N/ABaths N/ASqft 36,837
Listing Image

8775 168 STREET

Beds N/ABaths N/ASqft 33,345
Listing Image

16628 88 AVENUE

Beds N/ABaths N/ASqft 43,603
Listing Image

15334 68 AVENUE

Beds N/ABaths N/ASqft 85,688
Listing Image

16618 92A AVENUE

Beds N/ABaths N/ASqft 8,100
Listing Image

16632 92A AVENUE

Beds N/ABaths N/ASqft 8,894
Listing Image

16657 92A AVENUE

Beds N/ABaths N/ASqft 9,950
Listing Image

8757-8759 154A STREET

Beds 9Baths 5Sqft 10,041
Listing Image

8407-8409 156TH STREET

Beds 4Baths 2Sqft 11,726
Listing Image

8740-8742 152 STREET

Beds 12Baths 4Sqft 11,937
Listing Image

58 8473 163 STREET

Beds 2Baths 2Sqft 1,188
Listing Image

56 8473 163 STREET

Beds 3Baths 2Sqft 1,322
Listing Image

86 16318 82ND AVENUE

Beds 3Baths 3Sqft 2,270