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active Listings for Surrey

2199 active listings found
Listing Image

306 15185 22 AVENUE

Beds 2Baths 2Sqft 1,238
Listing Image


Beds 3Baths 3Sqft 1,536
Listing Image

3578 149A STREET

Beds 5Baths 5Sqft 3,875
Listing Image

117 2738 158 STREET

Beds 4Baths 4Sqft 1,950
Listing Image

4 15850 26 AVENUE

Beds 2Baths 2Sqft 1,308
Listing Image

5930 128 STREET

Beds 7Baths 7Sqft 3,351
Listing Image

9350 123A STREET

Beds 6Baths 6Sqft 7,906
Listing Image

12849 59 AVENUE

Beds 7Baths 5Sqft 3,036
Listing Image

12674 22 AVENUE

Beds 3Baths 3Sqft 11,325
Listing Image

7162 182 STREET

Beds 2Baths 1Sqft 1,177
Listing Image

18252 72 AVENUE

Beds 4Baths 3Sqft 2,235
Listing Image

18222 72 AVENUE

Beds 4Baths 3Sqft 3,841
Listing Image

11448 128 STREET

Beds 3Baths N/ASqft 6,250
Listing Image

12753 15 AVENUE

Beds 6Baths 4Sqft 5,000
Listing Image

14331 77A AVENUE

Beds 6Baths 3Sqft 7,317
Listing Image

9021 135A STREET

Beds 6Baths 4Sqft 9,767
Listing Image

10628 138A STREET

Beds 5Baths 3Sqft 7,200
Listing Image

13515 111A AVENUE

Beds 8Baths 6Sqft 8,409
Listing Image

5761 135 STREET

Beds 5Baths 2Sqft 11,325
Listing Image

12850 13 AVENUE

Beds 3Baths 3Sqft 10,098
Listing Image

2206 152 STREET

Beds 4Baths 3Sqft 6,993
Listing Image

16871 80 AVENUE

Beds 6Baths 4Sqft 6,325
Listing Image

14991 76 AVENUE

Beds 3Baths 2Sqft 7,432
Listing Image

6906 130 STREET

Beds 7Baths 6Sqft 7,789
Listing Image

12469 62 AVENUE

Beds 4Baths 3Sqft 10,292
Listing Image

16550 103 AVENUE

Beds 6Baths 5Sqft 3,578
Listing Image

14235 68 AVENUE

Beds 6Baths 5Sqft 11,958
Listing Image

14149 16 AVENUE

Beds 8Baths 7Sqft 6,148
Listing Image


Beds 9Baths 9Sqft 7,854
Listing Image

7662 140 STREET

Beds 4Baths 2Sqft 7,200
Listing Image

12558 77A AVENUE

Beds 3Baths 2Sqft 4,282
Listing Image

15590 17A AVENUE

Beds 5Baths 6Sqft 7,321
Listing Image

6790 181A STREET

Beds 5Baths 4Sqft 3,493
Listing Image

10152 172 STREET

Beds 8Baths 8Sqft 7,361
Listing Image

3348 141 STREET

Beds 5Baths 4Sqft 11,848
Listing Image

14339 36A AVENUE

Beds 4Baths 3Sqft 6,131
Listing Image

7626 120 STREET

Beds 3Baths 1Sqft 8,068
Listing Image

7646 120 STREET

Beds 5Baths 2Sqft 8,072
Listing Image

11635 96 AVENUE

Beds 5Baths 2Sqft 9,150
Listing Image

14466 92 AVENUE

Beds 3Baths 3Sqft 6,000
Listing Image

12569 26 AVENUE

Beds 2Baths 2Sqft 10,793
Listing Image

2650 143A STREET

Beds 8Baths 8Sqft 20,021
Listing Image

15451 110A AVENUE

Beds 7Baths 6Sqft 7,019
Listing Image

12777 58 AVENUE

Beds 7Baths 5Sqft 17,946
Listing Image

14054 75A AVENUE

Beds 9Baths 9Sqft 8,421
Listing Image

11794 99A AVENUE

Beds 4Baths 3Sqft 7,979
Listing Image

2561 168 STREET

Beds 5Baths 5Sqft 3,629
Listing Image

19505 78 AVENUE

Beds 4Baths 2Sqft 108,552
Listing Image

2125 166 STREET

Beds 5Baths 4Sqft 2,713
Listing Image

12230 100 AVENUE

Beds 4Baths 1Sqft 11,680
Listing Image

5876 139A STREET

Beds 6Baths 8Sqft 4,833
Listing Image


Beds 5Baths 3Sqft 7,929
Listing Image


Beds 11Baths 10Sqft 7,820
Listing Image

7478 150A STREET

Beds 5Baths 4Sqft 14,984
Listing Image

17205 59 AVENUE

Beds 8Baths 8Sqft 6,518
Listing Image

14377 31A AVENUE

Beds 5Baths 6Sqft 12,000
Listing Image

16130 95A AVENUE

Beds 3Baths 2Sqft 7,185
Listing Image

13921 23 AVENUE

Beds 6Baths 5Sqft 12,066
Listing Image


Beds 4Baths 3Sqft 26,863
Listing Image

12699 25 AVENUE

Beds 5Baths 5Sqft 6,386
Listing Image

19039 59A AVENUE

Beds 3Baths 3Sqft 8,330
Listing Image

15567 20 AVENUE

Beds 5Baths 6Sqft 8,310
Listing Image

9921 132A STREET

Beds 5Baths 3Sqft 7,181
Listing Image

7606 120 STREET

Beds 3Baths 1Sqft 8,061
Listing Image

14461 68 AVENUE

Beds 6Baths 4Sqft 3,543
Listing Image


Beds 4Baths 3Sqft 12,328
Listing Image

5703 182 STREET

Beds 3Baths 3Sqft 12,903
Listing Image

10246 129A STREET

Beds 5Baths 2Sqft 7,655
Listing Image


Beds 3Baths 2Sqft 1,225
Listing Image

19373 73A AVENUE

Beds 7Baths 4Sqft 3,846
Listing Image

12706 114A AVENUE

Beds 3Baths 2Sqft 5,000
Listing Image

13133 19A AVENUE

Beds 5Baths 5Sqft 7,793
Listing Image

1314 128A STREET

Beds 5Baths 6Sqft 4,995
Listing Image

10048 174 STREET

Beds 9Baths 8Sqft 6,223
Listing Image

18005 98A AVENUE

Beds 4Baths 5Sqft 14,280
Listing Image

19102 60 AVENUE

Beds N/ABaths N/ASqft 6,753
Listing Image

16777 20 AVENUE

Beds N/ABaths N/ASqft 3,886
Listing Image

16773 20 AVENUE

Beds N/ABaths N/ASqft 3,886
Listing Image

14038 108 AVENUE

Beds N/ABaths N/ASqft 86,011
Listing Image


Beds N/ABaths N/ASqft 44,692
Listing Image

33 19097 64 AVENUE

Beds 3Baths 3Sqft 1,653
Listing Image

69 12677 63 AVENUE

Beds 4Baths 4Sqft 1,830
Listing Image

34 16261 23A AVENUE

Beds 2Baths 3Sqft 1,205
Listing Image

3 8918 128 STREET

Beds 5Baths 4Sqft 2,200
Listing Image

40 16337 15 AVENUE

Beds 4Baths 4Sqft 1,651
Listing Image


Beds 2Baths 2Sqft 755
Listing Image

42 6885 184 STREET

Beds 3Baths 3Sqft 2,018
Listing Image

13 19097 64 AVENUE

Beds 3Baths 3Sqft 1,687
Listing Image

11 15550 89 AVENUE

Beds 4Baths 3Sqft 1,755
Listing Image

201 7150 133 STREET

Beds 3Baths 2Sqft 1,405
Listing Image

2213 13819 100 AVENUE

Beds 1Baths 1Sqft 721
Listing Image

407 8115 121A STREET

Beds 3Baths 2Sqft 1,435
Listing Image

13289 71B AVENUE

Beds 3Baths 2Sqft 1,430
Listing Image

110 15313 19 AVENUE

Beds 2Baths 2Sqft 1,394
Listing Image

43 7177 194A STREET

Beds 3Baths 4Sqft 1,784
Listing Image


Beds 2Baths 2Sqft 890
Listing Image

18 10238 155A STREET

Beds 3Baths 4Sqft 1,909
Listing Image

9 16361 23A AVENUE

Beds 3Baths 4Sqft 1,775
Listing Image

612 13923 72 AVENUE

Beds 2Baths 2Sqft 1,038
Listing Image

302 15188 29A AVENUE

Beds 1Baths 1Sqft 706